sábado, 14 de julho de 2012

É assim que se faz!

Encontrei esse vídeo enquanto visitava o Jacaré Banguela!

Achei muito legal mesmo!!! Genial!!!

Segue a letra do rap para acompanhar:

I want a quarter pounder , minus pickle and a big Mac you better get that right , 
no coke just give me sprite and don't forget the big mac sauce on the side 
With the extra fries Im so hungry its like I haven't eaten in day
 Oh yeah don't forget the mayonnaise
 I like it on the side Got Hamze on the side Got Monsta in the back 
We going for a ride. Don't get my order wrong
 I don't wana come back in this drive through 
Can get a fillet fish with that a mc chicken on the side 2 
you wana apple pie hold on just make it 2 
Ok lets go out of this fucken drive through right now ! 

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